17 Hectares with real estate development permit

The land described in this document is located in the coastal village of Poste Lafayette, on the northeast coast of the island, about 35 km from the capital Port Louis and 60 km from the airport.
The region happens to be relatively remote but is also known for its tranquility and serenity. It is therefore ideal for a neat real estate development, focused on a selective clientele.


The land is entirely free, with an area of ​​17 hectares, or 169,165 square meters.• The land is classified for non-agricultural use. Thus, the buyer does not have to pay the conversion tax which can be at least MUR 2.5m (US $ 70,000) per hectare.•
​The current owner has already obtained a real estate development permit, which can cost up to MUR 25m per hectare.• The land borders on the largest luxury villa project in the country; it is separated by a stone wall, at a cost of $ 1,200 per meter.• The land was plowed a few years ago.• The land is located approximately 100 meters from the main road. This portion is state property but can be used as a green space, depending on negotiations with the government.• Public beaches are nearby.• The newly built 4 star Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Beach Resort is close to the property, approximately 100 meters away.• The region is full of undergrowth, ideal for hiking. In the distance the view extends to the mountain ranges.• The client offers to sell MUR 7.5m per acre, or MUR 17.5m per hectare.

Ask Price : MUR 297,500,000

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